TN Metal Works Company has been designing and building fans and blowers to move air in all types of commercial and industrial applications. Today, Eurovent Blower has one of the most comprehensive lines of fans and blowers in the world, with literally thousands of designs and models available.


We aim to be leading company in producing and distributing quality products
and provide world-class customer services for the development in every industry sectors.


  • To generate and continue improve management system
  • Utilize human resources management to develop highly skill, dedicated and sense of belonging employees
  • Practice good governance and business ethics to manage our business in order to satisfy all stakeholders
  • Our growth must growth along with Customer with concept of win-win solution and the best service and support as business partners
  • Being a good corporate citizen
  • Leader in innovation by supporting employee creativity in process improvement and new products development
  • To generate continued growth both in revenue and profit (profitable growth)