MA Series

Aluminium Blower
Aluminium blowers of the MA range are radial blowers with double-wall impellers made from sheet aluminium respectively from sheet steel. They are directly driven by asynchronous squirrel cage motors of the company´s own make, especially adapted to the blower requirements and amply dimensioned.

The attractively shaped, stream-line aluminium-cast housings as well as the dynamically balanced impellers ensure vibration-free operation at low noise levels. The solid design of the Aluminium medium pressure blowers is basic for long-life operation and low operating cost.

All drive motors are manufactured in conformity with IP 54 and comply with EN 60034-1 (VDE 0530 – Part 1). The standard version of the motors is designed for 50 Hz mains frequency and voltages of 230/400 V Δ/Y or 400 VΔ for three-phase AC and for 230 V single-phase AC in conformity with IEC 38. On demand the motors for 60 Hz mains frequency can also be supplied to IEC 38. Motors, which are designed for the standartd voltage, are suitable for a voltage tolerance of ± 10 % in continuous operation.
Fields of application Medium pressure blowers offer a wide field of application facilities:
  • Conveying medium air volumes at higher system resistances
  • Exhausting gases and vapours - Cooling of apparatus and machinery parts
  • Ventilation of systems with higher resistances
  • Air supply of gas, oil and coalfired systems - Air supply of drying installations
  • Air supply of air cushion tables
  • Extraction of exhaust gas - Filter installations

Product Spec

St. Pressure: 
500.00-9,800.00 Pa.
Air Volume: 
2.50-120.00 cmm.