MSR Series

Aluminium Blower
used for the conveying light, non-abrasive bulk products. Blower housing and back covers are made from cast aluminium.

The durable design of the practically maintenance free blowers is fundamental for a long service life and low operating costs. Inspection and cleaning work can only be carried out on this devices by unscrewing the housing cover.

The blower driven by the squirrel-cage motors, specifically matched to the blowers needs, which are generously dimensioned and come direct from our production. All drive motors are IP 55 protection class, produced to F thermal class and conform to EN 60034-1 (VDE 530 part 1).

Their performance is sized in such a way that they have enough power reserves for material conveying. The standard motors are designed for 50 Hz mains frequency, voltages of 230/400 V Δ/Y or 400 V Δ according to IEC 38. Motors with 60 Hz mains frequency are also available on request.
Fields of application Medium pressure blowers offer a wide field of application facilities:
  • Conveying medium air volumes at higher system resistances
  • Exhausting gases and vapours
  • Cooling of apparatus and machinery parts
  • Ventilation of systems with higher resistances
  • Air supply of gas, oil and coalfired systems
  • Air supply of drying installations
  • Air supply of air cushion tables

Product Spec

St. Pressure: 
500.00-6,750.00 Pa.
Air Volume: 
5.00-60.00 cmm.