LR Model (Backward Curve Direct drive)

Centrifugal Fan
Spark proof construction:
when explosive fluids are carried or when the plant is installed in dangerous environments, the parts that come into contact with the intaken fluid are constructed by material without iron content to avoid rubbing, motor on request is supplied in special construction.

Corosionproofing construction:
when corrosive fluids are carried, the parts that come into contact with the fluid are painted with special paints or they are constructed with special materials as austentic stainless steels (AISI 304-316 etc.). Constructions can be effected according to the customer’s particular needs.
The high output centrifugal fans of this series are suitable for the suction of clean or plants slightly dusty air in civil and industrial air conditioning. In particular plants for:
  • Ventilation: stables, mines. tunnels.
  • Suction: vitated air, welding fumes, vapours from solvent tanks and spraying booths.
  • Aeration: storage bins, sheds.
  • Cooling: plastic materials, cloths, glass plates.
  • Drying: fodder, cereals. papers, varnishes, wood.
  • Elimination: fumes and toxic gas.
This series is also used where it is necessary to transport air with maximum temperature of 90°C with low pressure. For temperatures of the transported fluid higher than 90°C up to 350°C a small heat stopping fan is splined to the shaft between support and scroll, besides the fan is painted with a special aluminium paint suitable for high temperatures.

Product Spec

St. Pressure: 
37.00-390.00 mmH2O
30.00-450.00 mmH2O
Impeller Dia: 
350.00-1,000.00 mm.
400.00-2,000.00 mm.
Air Volume: 
22.00-1,600.00 cmm.
26.00-6,200.00 cmm.